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NewThermal insulation compound STHERMIZOL represents a completely new method of thermal insulation of buildings. Its main component is special thermal-ceramic filler that minimizes, with minimum thickness of STHERMIZOL layer 0,5- 1 mm, heat leakage from rooms.

It creates a partial vacuum layer on the applied surface, increases thermal resistance, and simultaneously is capable of reflecting as much as 70 % of radiant heat back to the interior. STHERMIZOL is also an excellent solution to problems with mould on walls.

The application process is simple, and can be coped with by almost everyone. The filler shall be applied interior walls in a very simple way by a trowel, a roller, or a brush in a 0,5-1 mm thick layer. It can also be applied by spraying. The compound can be tinted or decorated with water-based paints after application.

 Main advantages:

  • simple and quick process of thermal insulating of buildings from interior
  • no scaffolding and a large number of craftsman needed
  • helps deal with problems with wall moulding due to of improper ventilation
  • can be used for buildings where historical plaster must be maintained
  • measuring proved that after the application of STHERMIZOL to room walls, the consumption of heating energy decreased by *20-40 %
  • energy savings when air-conditioning units are utilised in summer


Methods of application:

Aplikace Sthermizol

Package: 3 L, 10 L, 20 L
Upon request, other packages can be available.

Instructions for use:

The compound contains first-rate PVA dispersions due to which it well adheres to almost all types of base materials, such as concrete, gypsum plasters, lime-cement plasters, plasterboard, prefabricated panels as well as wood. The base shall be solid (not crumbly), free of dust, impurities and mould; if there are more paint layers on the wall, it is recommended to remove them first mechanically. First, primer shall be applied to the base. Roughness of the surface shall be levelled with ROMBA versatile joint compound - this considerably reduces the consumption of STHERMIZOL. Afterwards, STHERMIZOL can be applied on such dry base.

Application: Prior to application, the compound can be diluted with water and stirred slowly so that the filler is not damaged!

Application by means of a joint knife or a trowel: using such method, you can apply the compound directly on pre-treated wall surface without any dilution. Apply a layer approx. 1 mm thick and let it dry up for at least 2 hours (at the temperature of 20°C). Subsequently, you can finely grind the surface with a grinding, grid grain size 120, to remove roughness so that a 0,5-1 mm thick layer is maintained. After complete dry up of the layer, you can decorate it with interior paint.

Application by a roller: in 2 layers so that the thickness of min. 0.5 mm is reached. The type of roller to be used - fine foam, velour or nylon. dilute with water until you obtain slush-like substance; dip the roller in and spread the compound slightly on the pre-treated surface

Application by spraying: higher pressure may damage the compound filler. dilute according to the instructions for use of the spraying device; use a nozzle 3 mm in diameter and the pressure up to 5 bar;

The consumption and drying time: The consumption of the compound, when applied by a trowel on a pre-treated even surface in 1mm layer, is 1L/m2.

When applied by a roller - 0,5 mm thick layer- 0,5 L/m2.

When applied by spraying in 0.3-0.5 mm thick layer, the consumption is 0,3-0,5 L/m2.

The drying time depends on the absorption capacity of the base material, temperature, humidity as well as interior ventilation; for 1 mm thick layer it is 2-4 hours at the temperature of 20°C and the humidity of 60 %.

Storage, transport and durability: Store in a dry place at the temperatures between + 5°C and 30°C; the durability is 12 months from the date of production in unopened containers while observing the storage conditions.


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