First-quality multipurpose final compound in the form of paste. It is designed for final treatment and smoothing of dry walls and other types of interior walls.

It is particularly suitable for the removal of cracks and wall surface roughness, prior to decorating and wall papering.

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Detailní popis produktu

Main advantages:

  • ready for immediate use
  • easy to process and grind
  • does not dry out in the bucket; can be processed for indefinite period of time
  • possibility of creating textured surfaces



1,5 kg, 5 kg, 18 kg
Upon request, other packages can be available.

Instructions for use:

Prior to application, Final Paste shall be diluted, as needed, with water with regard to the use required. When applying the paste by a trowel, dilute it with water in order to make it easy to spread. (approx. 0.5 dl of water per each kg of the paste).


Prior to application, old coatings, loose layers of old plaster and dust shall be removed from the surface, and primer shall be applied. Final layers/filler can be applied in a classical way - with a stainless steel trowel, up to 3 mm in thickness, creating a smooth surface that is treated by grinding upon drying up.

Application by a roller (textured surfaces):

The Final Paste can be applied by a roller - which results in the creation of a textured surface. The surface texture resulting depends on the roller type and the paste dilution ratio. Generally, thicker paste and a roller with long hair create rough and coarse surface texture. Thin paste and a roller with short hair create finer and thinner surface texture. The roller is dipped in the compound diluted, and the compound is spread directly on the surface. Upon drying up, the surface can be decorated. The compound can be tinted directly by admixing water-based colour pigments to achieve the tone required. Such a tinted compound requires no more decorating after application.


when stirring the compound, do not use stirrers that create whirls as they draw air bubbles in the mass!!! This causes problems in further application.

Manufacturer's note:

Use protective aids: Gloves, a respirator (when grinding), goggles

Storage: 12 months at the temperatures between +5°C and +30°C in a dark and dry place. Do not expose to direct sunshine! Protect from freezing!